Francesco  ( illy Ferenc ) 
Born in Hungary 1892
In 1935, he invented the first automatic 
coffee machine which substituted compressed air for steam: the illetta, the predecessor of today's espresso machines.

Francesco also devised a new packaging system for preserving coffee in which the cans were filled with inert gases instead of air pressurization.


"When unsurpassed quality is combined with mastery of technique, hospitality at its best and passion for authentic espresso preparation and presentation, the result is perfection in the cup-a multi-sensory experience that can only be described as art.​

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Based in Trieste, Italy, illy has been "seeking perfection" since its inception in 1933. This search has lead them to become a world renowned and authoritative figure in the coffee industry. Consisting of pure Arabica beans illy espresso is silky, smooth and consistent. We love working with illy for its great vision and high values, but what we really find irresistible is illy's flavor, fine color and the way it can make hours pass like moments. Stop in and you'll see what we mean.