Quality takes precedence here,

so it is no coincidence that our

creation has been voted “best dessert in town” and

“best gelato” by locals in numerous publications.

This is authentic artisan gelato at its best!

Each flavor has its’ own unique recipe and is made in

small quantities to ensure freshness.

Our pistachios and hazelnuts come from Italy, and our

produce is fresh and local.

We do not cut corners, or simplify recipes:

dozens of kiwis are peeled for a batch of kiwi gelato, and hundreds of lemons,

limes, oranges and grapefruits are juiced by hand in our kitchen.

All of this to achieve a gratifyingly superior product. Our gelato is definitely a labor of love.

Unique Pastry Factory, is not only committed to a high quality product but also the health and concerns of our customers. To honor this commitment to you, we make a point to avoid corn syrups, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Our fruit flavors are made only during their season, and the color in our gelato comes from the natural ingredients. No bright green pistachio or fluorescent yellow banana in our stores. When it comes to flavor and color, our gelato is strictly "come as you are."

How is our gelato different from ice cream?

The main difference is that it contains approximately 60% less fat and calories than American ice cream. Not all of our flavors contain dairy, but those that do are made with 2% milk. They are rich in flavor, not in fat! In addition, the end result for those dairy free selections is an even lower calorie count product. While still possessing a smooth velvety texture, these alternatives are an excellent alternative for those that are lactose intolerant.

How do we achieve that intense taste and that sensually smooth texture?
It’s all gelato baby! Unlike many ice creams and other frozen desserts there is a lot less air whipped into our product creating a sinfully satisfying mouthful that really packs a punch of flavor. A little gelato goes a long way.